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    Comprehensive Guide to Austria Citizenship by Investment Program

    Explore the Austria Citizenship by Investment program with GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land. Benefit from visa-free travel to 188 countries and EU membership. Choose between a €10 million business investment or a €3-5 million state project donation. Our legal experts guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and secure process to obtain your Austrian citizenship.
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    Austria's Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program allows high-net-worth individuals to obtain Austrian citizenship through significant economic contributions. This prestigious program is designed to foster economic growth and job creation within Austria, offering a pathway to one of the world's most powerful passports.

    Investment Options

    1. Creation of Companies with Significant Business Activities

    • Investment Amount: Typically requires a direct investment of €10 million into an active business.
    • Requirements: The business must demonstrate substantial economic impact, innovation, and job creation.

    2. Donation to a State Development Fund

    • Investment Amount: A contribution of approximately €3-5 million to state-approved development projects.
    • Requirements: Donations must be used for projects that promote economic development and benefit the public.


    • Visa-Free Travel: Austrian passport holders can travel visa-free to 188 countries, including all EU nations, the USA, and Canada.
    • EU Membership: Grants the right to live, work, and study anywhere in the European Union.
    • High Quality of Life: Austria offers excellent healthcare, education, and a high standard of living.
    • No Residency Requirement: There is no requirement to reside in Austria before or after obtaining citizenship.

    Limitations and Requirements

    • High Financial Threshold: The program requires a substantial financial commitment, often between €3-10 million.
    • No Passive Investments: Investments in real estate or government bonds do not qualify. The focus is on active investments that directly benefit the economy.
    • Strict Due Diligence: Applicants must pass thorough background checks, including proof of a clean criminal record and detailed financial scrutiny.
    • Dual Citizenship Restrictions: Austria generally does not recognize dual citizenship. Applicants must renounce their previous citizenship unless exceptional merit is demonstrated.

    Step-by-Step Guide and Best Practices

    1. Initial Consultation and Eligibility Assessment
      • Consultation: Schedule a consultation with GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land to discuss eligibility, investment options, and program requirements.
      • Eligibility Check: Evaluate eligibility based on nationality, financial capacity, and personal circumstances.
    2. Document Preparation and Submission
      • Gather Required Documents: Collect and prepare necessary documents, including CVs, financial statements, proof of identity, and references.
      • Translations: Ensure all documents are translated into German and legalized.
    3. Preliminary Approvals and Investment
      • Informal Approvals: Obtain informal approvals from key Austrian ministries before making the investment.
      • Investment Execution: Complete the required investment, whether in a business or as a donation to state projects.
    4. Formal Application Submission
      • Submit Application: Submit the detailed citizenship application to the Austrian authorities, including proof of investment and all required documents.
      • Interview and Evaluation: Undergo interviews and assessments as required by the government.
    5. Citizenship Approval and Issuance
      • Government Decision: Await the Austrian government's decision on the citizenship application.
      • Passport Issuance: Once approved, apply for and receive the Austrian passport.
    6. Post-Citizenship Support
      • Ongoing Legal Advice: GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land provide continuous support, including tax planning and maintaining compliance with Austrian laws.

    Why Choose GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land?

    • Expertise: Extensive experience in citizenship by investment programs.
    • Comprehensive Support: Full support from initial consultation to post-citizenship services.
    • Trust and Transparency: Ensuring transparency and security throughout the process.

    Contact GH Legal s.r.o.

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