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    St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

    Explore the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment program with GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land. Benefit from visa-free travel to 147 countries and favorable tax regimes. Choose between a $100,000 donation to the National Economic Fund or a $300,000 real estate investment. Our legal experts guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and secure process to obtain your second passport.
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    St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program


    St. Lucia offers an attractive Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, allowing individuals and families to obtain a second passport by making a qualifying investment in the country. This program provides numerous benefits, including visa-free access to 147 countries and a straightforward application process.

    Investment Options

    1. Donation to the National Economic Fund (NEF)

    • Single Applicant: Requires a minimum donation of $100,000.
    • Family of Four: Requires a donation of $150,000, which includes the main applicant, spouse, and two dependents. Each additional dependent incurs an extra fee.

    2. Real Estate Investment

    • Single Applicant or Family: Requires a minimum investment of $300,000 in a government-approved real estate project. The property must be held for at least five years.

    3. Enterprise Project Investment

    • Single Applicant: Requires a minimum investment of $3.5 million in an approved enterprise project, along with the creation of at least three jobs.
    • Joint Venture: Each applicant must invest a minimum of $1 million, and the total investment must be at least $6 million, creating at least six jobs.

    4. Government Bonds

    • Single Applicant: Requires a minimum investment of $500,000 in non-interest-bearing government bonds, which must be held for at least five years.

    Processing Time

    • The average processing time for obtaining citizenship through St. Lucia's CBI program is 3-6 months.


    • Visa-free or Visa-on-arrival Access: St. Lucia passport holders can travel to 147 countries, including the UK, Schengen Area, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
    • No Residency Requirement: There is no requirement to reside in or visit St. Lucia before or after obtaining citizenship.
    • Tax Benefits: St. Lucia offers a favorable tax regime with no wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax.
    • Dual Citizenship: St. Lucia allows dual citizenship, so investors do not have to renounce their current nationality.
    • Family Inclusion: The program allows for the inclusion of dependents, including children up to 30 years old and parents or grandparents over 55 years old.

    Eligibility and Restrictions

    • Nationality Restrictions: Applicants from certain countries (e.g., Iran, North Korea) may face additional scrutiny or restrictions. It is essential to consult with legal experts to understand specific eligibility criteria based on nationality.
    • Due Diligence: All applicants must undergo a comprehensive due diligence process, ensuring that funds are legally obtained and there are no criminal records. The due diligence fees are typically $7,500 for the main applicant and $5,000 for dependents over 16 years old.

    How GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land Assist Clients

    GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land provide comprehensive legal services to clients seeking St. Lucia citizenship through investment. Our experienced team ensures that all transactions are conducted legally and that clients' interests are fully protected.

    Our Services Include:

    1. Initial Consultation and Eligibility Assessment
      • Evaluate the client's eligibility for the St. Lucia CBI program.
      • Provide detailed information on investment options and requirements.
    2. Document Preparation and Submission
      • Collection of Documents: Gather necessary documents, including passport copies, birth certificates, proof of address, and financial statements.
      • Medical Examination: Undergo a medical examination to provide a health certificate.
      • Police Clearance: Obtain police clearance certificates from countries where the applicant has lived for more than six months.
      • Proof of Investment Funds: Provide documentation proving the source and legality of investment funds.
      • Application Submission: Prepare and submit the citizenship application along with all required documents to the St. Lucian authorities.
    3. Due Diligence and Compliance
      • Background Checks: Conduct thorough due diligence checks to ensure compliance with St. Lucian laws.
      • Government Review: The St. Lucian government reviews the application, performs background checks, and verifies the legitimacy of funds.
    4. Investment Execution
      • NEF Donation: If opting for the donation route, transfer the required funds to the National Economic Fund.
      • Real Estate Investment: If choosing the real estate option, finalize the purchase of approved property.
      • Enterprise Project: Facilitate the investment in approved enterprise projects, ensuring compliance with all requirements.
      • Government Bonds: Assist in the purchase and holding of government bonds as required.
    5. Approval and Issuance of Citizenship
      • Application Approval: Once the due diligence process is complete, and the investment is verified, the government approves the citizenship application.
      • Oath of Allegiance: The applicant takes an oath of allegiance to St. Lucia.
      • Issuance of Passport: After approval, the new citizen receives their St. Lucia passport.
    6. Post-Citizenship Support
      • Passport Assistance: Assist with the issuance of passports and provide guidance on travel benefits.
      • Ongoing Legal Advice: Offer ongoing legal advice on maintaining citizenship, tax planning, and other related matters.

    Why Choose GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land?

    • Expertise: Our team has extensive experience in citizenship by investment programs.
    • Trust: We prioritize our clients' interests, ensuring transparency and security throughout the process.
    • Efficiency: Our streamlined processes ensure timely and successful citizenship applications.
    • Comprehensive Support: From initial consultation to post-citizenship services, we provide full support at every stage.

    Additional Services for Specific Nationalities

    • Special Consultations: For applicants from countries with additional restrictions, we provide tailored advice and solutions to navigate these challenges effectively.
    • Alternative Investment Options: If the primary options do not suit a client's needs, we assist in identifying alternative qualifying investments within St. Lucia.

    For more information or to start your journey towards St. Lucia citizenship, contact GH Legal s.r.o. and A Land today. Let us help you secure a brighter future with the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.

    Contact GH Legal s.r.o.

    Phone: +421 907 791 946